TEKKIE divers always look cool: “BOYS AND THEIR TOYS” – girls too!

This is where the SERIOUS FUN really begins – always treating the dives with respect…. …..
– going deeper and/or staying longer (not necessarily getting wetter – particularly in drysuits !!!)

Appointed in 2010 as a PADI Technical Dive Centre in the UK, we cater for every aspect of TEC Diving.

Rec Tec

Learning to use a variety of technical dive gear whilst staying within recreational limits provides you with invaluable experience – and a few adventures along the way…

With distinctive PADI Specialty courses for Twinset, SideMount, Full Face Masks and “SOLO” diving with the NEW Self Reliant Diver program as well as DPV (underwater torpedo scooters).

“Type-R” Rebreather training with the Hollis Explorer… cutting edge stuff!

You’re in a world of big cheesy grins!

You’ll need to have already qualified as a PADI Nitrox and Deep Specialist. Rescue Diver training is also strongly recommended.

Tec Deep 40/45/50

This extensive and challenging range of training programs involve commitment and investment in time and equipment, learning to complete Gas Switch Extended Range dives, using technical dive equipment & techniques to go beyond the limits of normal recreational divers.

Further progression involves going deeper – that 50m point is calling – and using Accelerated Decompression with up to 100% Oxygen on mandatory staged deco stops.

This course is very challenging but amazingly good fun.

We strongly recommend that you complete the TWINSET or SIDEMOUNT specialty and gain experience of at least 20 dives in a Tec rig prior to enrolling on this very demanding program.

Tec Trimix 65/90

Helium not only makes your voice go squeaky but allows some VERY serious fun indeed!

PADI Tec Trimix takes you to 90m – but after that there really are no limits.

Understanding the hazards and managing the risk of technical deep diving is a challenge for a small niche of divers who take the sport seriously and are prepared for the investment in time, effort and money necessary to safely go beyond the limits of normal recreational divers.

Black masks – Big Watches – Big Knives

Very small… torches!

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